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Our company distributes a wide range of products to serve the needs of laboratories and clinics on site and out in the field. We provide our costumers outstanding technicals support, efficient inventory and logistics management while keeping competitive pricing.

Solving Challenges in Healthcare

Kabla offers innovative diagnostics devices that ensure reliable results in a timely matter, in order to improve treatment outcomes and Save Lives.

Our Specialty Areas

We currently offer a wide range of products that include: diagnostics devices for medical use; reagents, consumables and scientific/laboratory instrumentation; test for use by specialist in diverse disciplines that include criminalistic and forensic science, veterinary, as well as environmental, industrial and food analysis.

Our Reach

Our team serves distinguished institutions all throughout Mexico, in diverse sectors that include: Laboratories, Hospitals, Health Campaigns, Research Centers, Corporations (Occupational Health),
Forensic Sciences Laboratories, Colleges, as well as pharmacies and health product distributors.

Our Reach

Our team serves distinguished institutions all throughout Mexico, in diverse sectors that includes: Laboratories, Hospitals, Health Campaigns, Research Centers, Corporations (Occupational Health) Forensics Sciences Laboratories, Colleges, as well As pharmacies and health products distributors.


A company that offers innovative solutions in life sciences to improve health and safety


Our Divisions

Our company focuses on offering a wide array of products that include: In Vitro Diagnostic devices for medical use ( Point – Of – Care devices, ELISA (EIA), Molecular Biology (HDA and RT-PCR), Chemiluminescence, Latex, Hematology and Clinical Chemistry systems); as well as  reagents, consumables and instrumentation for forensic, veterinary, environmental, industrial, and food applications.

Our Publications 


This issue of Kabla’s Magazine is intended as a useful guide for organizations seking to reduce the risks related to Drug and Alcohol Abuse.



This edition addresses the main cardiac conditions that affect today’s society as well as relevant information on how to provide reliable diagnostics in a timely matter in order to save lifes.









Our third magazine, published in May 2019 focuses in Infectious diseases. From Blood-Borne, Sexually Transmitted, Vector-Borne, Respiratory to enteric infectious diseases, we discuss the epidemiology and diagnostic solutions available in order to reduce the risks of diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungus or parasites.




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Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

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Press releases

Diagnosis of "DENGUE, ZIKA and CHINKUNGUNYA" increasingly accurate....

Given the Public Health importance of vector-borne diseases in Mexico, in particular Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya, which represent more ….

KABLA estimates that companies bet more for ....

The consumption of drugs in recent years has been placed in the national spotlight as one of the most important public health problems, due to the consequences


KABLA acquires the portfolio of diagnostic devices ....

The Mexican company Kabla Comercial S.A. of C.V. (KABLA) has finalized an agreement with the company LABORATORIOS DAI DE MÉXICO, S.A. of C.V. (DAI) to acquire…..

KABLA makes an alliance with SAMACAPITAL in order to ....

Kabla Diagnosticos, a leading company in the distribution of innovative medical diagnostic devices, is associated with SAMACAPITAL, a Regiomontano private investment fund aimed at …..

Our Blogs

ESD is our informative website that publishes information and guides to workplace Alcohol and Drug testing in Mexico. This blog has practical articles explaining about major drug categories that organizations test for, how the concept of drug testing impacts productivity, public policies that companies must comply in specific industries, as well as the newest innovations available to improve drug and alcohol testing.

We developed the site diagnosticooportuno.mx with the intention of promoting the efficient use of Point Of Care diagnostic devices in order to improve the healthcare outcomes of patients. Through this site, our visitor will find relevant information about health conditions that could be diagnosed with Kabla’s state of the art products  – including Fertility and Hormonal Health, Oncology, Cardiometabolic diseases, Diabetes, Infectious Diseases, amongst others.

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