About Our Company

“A company that offers innovative life sciences’ solutions to improve health and safety”

Who are we ?

We are company devoted to supplying quality innovative diagnostics devices in Mexico. We focus on integrating a vast catalogue of high differentiation and specialization products, with the utmost regard of quality, while maintaining highly competitive prices, and backed by customer service that excels in all areas.

The company provides a wide range of products that include: diagnostics devices for medical use; reagents, consumables, and scientific/laboratory instrumentation; tests used by specialists in varied disciplines that include: criminalistic and forensic sciences ,in addition to veterinary, environmental, industrial, and food analysis. 


Mission Statement 

Our mission to efficiently supply innovative products to health and safety professionals, allowing them to improve and increase the scope of their services by receiving good value in terms of quality, service, and price

Vision Statement

At Kabla, our vision is to be the industrys leading company in terms of quality, efficiency and integrity.

Quality Policy

Every company collaborator is commited to undestanding our client’s expectations, with the clear purpose of fulfilling or surpassing them.

1.- We make sure our products measure up to technical specifications and applied normative standards. 

2.- We designed our operatins through quality management seeking continuous improvement throughout every level in our organization.

3.- We strive for our personnel to always be adequately and consistently trained.

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Our Values 


We strive to be the best in our industry. Leadership, hard work, and a habit of exceeding expectations are three of the main attributes which define everyone in Kabla. The company provides personal development opportunities for its employees, high quality products and services for its clients and optimal returns for its investors.


Kabla is a customer-oriented company. We strive to provide impeccable products and services on time, and always free of errors. Excellency is our benchmark in our operational processes.


We’re on a constant search for new ways to provide an even bigger selection of quality products for our clients. We incentivize creativity, initiative, and presistence in every single person that is part of the company. Through our experience, we seek continuous learning, being aware that we can learn just as much form our mistakes than from our succesees.


We are firm believers that synergy is the best path forward in achieving a common goal. Healthy internal communications and cooperation are fundamental in finding areas of opportunity.


Both as a company and as individuals, we accept total responsibility for our performance. Every process, decision, and action in the company is governed by an impeccable code of ethics and a strict following of the norms that regulate our industry.

Customer Service

We aim to always satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients.

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