Kabla Forensics

Kabla Forensics specializes in supplying forensic laboratories to perform screening tests on crime scenes, saving valuable resources and time.


Kabla Alcohol Meters

We offer a complete line of Portable Breath Alcohol Testers (PBTs) and Evidential Breath Testers (EBTs) for use by law enforcement, corrections, schools and in the workplace.


Kabla Food Safety

A variety of tests for food safety and common genetically modified organisms. Available in strip and cassette format.


Point de México – Alarmas y Torretas

Point de México was founded to meet the needs market’s growing demand for the detection, signalling, and alerting of risky and emergency situations. Point’s products include:  alarms, sirens, beacons, gas detectors, among other solutions that keep workers, first responders and communities safe and secure.


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