Ethics Code

We provide high-quality diagnostic equipment which offers competitive prices. 

Corporate Social Responsability

Our commitment: To supply high-end products that comply with specified quality standars and the corresponding norms and regulations. Our business operations must always be conducted ensuring the safety and personal integrity of our employees, suppliers, clients and the society around us, while minimizing the enviromental impact of our activities.

We understand that we bring an added value by offering innovative products and services, so our main responsability is to accomplish it by ethical business practices all the time. Furthermore, we know that our actions and decisions have a direct and indirect impact in the communities we attend and at the places we operate.

Kabla’s ethical practices depends on the desicions the company make, keeping in mind the interests on those involve, including partners, clients, employees, suppliers, and communities in which we conduct business; we uphold the commitment of not falling into corrupt business practices, nor interested conflicts and have a good use of natural resources, minimizing the environmental impact of our activities. We are proud to have reached every goal we’ve had due to the quality of our products and our unfaltering compliance with the rule of law.


Our Commitment: Build a constant development through well-trained and responsable people.

We are deeply committed on complying with all applicable norms and regulations in the countries/territories in which we distribute. Our business activities will always be executed following the strict ethical and moral standards outlined in Kabla’s Code of Conduct.

Kabla’s Code of Conduct is a guide that must be followed to handle any compliance issues in all of Kabla’s operational practices.

In line with our goal of promoting global compliance, we established a Compliance Committee and a Compliance Officer. Both the Compliance Officer and Kabla’s legal department provide assistance in complying with corresponding regulations.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Our commitment: Business decisiones will never be influenced by corruption. Any and all forms of bribery will be rejected.

Kabla’s ability to compete on the market is based on the qualities and quality of its products and services, and firmly supports the existence of open and free markets. We strictly comply with laws that are designed to promote and protect competition.

We handle ourselves with integrity in all our financial operations, thus, our interactions with competitors have to be lawful. We will not make business deals with competitors to set specific prices or sale terms, assign markets, limit production or influence the result of licitations.  We will not participate, or give the impression of participating, in any type of illicit deal or cartel. We do not exchange or discuss sensitive business information with our competitors, including prices, sales volume, production capacity, costs, profit margins, sensitive client information, sales and marketing strategies, or research and development activities and similar data. Kabla promotes fair competition, therefore, it does not get involved in any type of agreement, implied understanding, cooperation agreement, or contract with competitors meant to limit or restrict competition.

Environmental Care

Our commitment: To decrease our enviromental impact through the use of more efficient processes and being enviromentally aware.

At Kabla, caring for the enviroment is a shared responsibility, so we make sure that our operations and activities are executed following these guidelines:

a) Implement preventive measures to decrease risk, in addition to effective response procedures while dealing with emergencies to avoid enviromental accidents and minimize their impact.
b) Use water and energy sources efficiently, monitoring its consumption.
c) Prevent enviromental accidents.
d) Make adequate use of areas destined for sorting waste and recyclable materials, along with areas destined for food consumption.

Health and Safety

Our commitment: To provide and enable a safe and clean work environment.

At Kabla, we are fully committed with protecting the health and safety of our employees, visitors, contractors, consumers, and communities. Everyone has the right to work in a safe environment. The people in charge of each department or area must make sure that these requirements are met:

a) Promote and maintain a clean and safe work enviroment.
b) Preserve an adequate working enviroment.
c) Develop and promote a culture of safety among personnel.

Our health and safety policies are designed to help you work safely, whether it’s in our facilities, in the field, or on the route. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, so we must be unrelenting in working to ensure that every activity is done safely, regardless of the job they have. It’s obligatory for every member of the organization to support, comply, and make sure that others comply with our internal policies on environmental protection.

Substance Abuse

Our commitment: Not to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

At Kabla, it’s strictly forbidden for anyone to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol because it represents an unacceptable risk for them and others’ safety. All illegal drugs, controlled substances or improper use of prescription medication are deemed drugs. Employees must do their jobs while free of the influence of any substance that might affect their performance.

Therefore, the following are forbidden by Kabla:

  • To work under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances inside or outside Kabla’s facilities.
  • The possession of, sale, use, transfer, or distribution of illegal drugs or controlled substances anywhere, at any time.
  • To have a diminished work performance due to the effects of either prescription medication or over-the-counter medication.

If you have an alcohol or drug related problem, please inform your Human Resources manager so you can be properly informed about available support programs in your area. Kabla encourages you to get the help you need.

Discrimination and Harassment

Our commitment: Never to discriminate or deny equal opportunities.

We have an obligation to provide equality. It’s forbidden, under any circumstance, any discriminatory action towards people based on their ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, sexual preference, marital status, age, disability or any other motive, in all commercial, labor, and business activities.
En Kabla se tiene la obligación de brindar igualdad y se prohíbe bajo cualquier circunstancia, toda acción de discriminación hacia las personas ya sea por su origen étnico, religión, nacionalidad, género, preferencia sexual, estado civil, edad, discapacidad o cualquier otro motivo, en todos los aspectos laborales, comerciales y de negocios.

Each employee must have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. To ensure this, we shall not discriminate or treat employees unfairly in regards to recruiting, hiring, training, promoting, compensating or any other term and condition. Hiring decisions based on any type of discrimination previously mentioned go against our policies and are illegal according to the law. We must always act in fairness and provide qualified individuals with the opportunity to develop their skills and advance their careers with us.

At Kabla we invite you to be a witness of our development.

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