Our History


Kabla Diagnosticos was founded in 2004 with the goal of commercializing innovative diagnostics devices for on site use. Over the years, the company has obtained multiple exclusive brand licenses from manufacturers, which has allowed it to amass a comprehensive catalogue of innovative products that fulfill the needs of the Health and Safety Sectors, along with multiple scientific specialties.

Kabla Diagnosticos was foundes in 2004 with the goal.

Our team serves distinguished institutions throughout Mexico, in such varied sectors as: Laboratories, Hospitals, Health Campaigns, Research Centers, Corporations (Occupational Health), Forensic Sciences’ Laboratories, Universities, in addition to pharmacies and health product distributors.

Kabla is composed of multiple business divisions that provide the following products:

Alcohol Meters, In Vitro Diagnostics Devices, Consumer Products, Forensic tests, Food and Environmental Control tests, Labware (Consumables and Laboratory Instrumentation), Awareness-Raising Tools (Teaching Materials).


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