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Kabla Diagnósticos

Kabla Diagnósticos has de biggest catalogue of diagnostics devices for in vitro use, which include: rapid tests, Point-Of-Care devices, and Laboratory Tests that employ diverse methodologies, including ELISA (EIA), Molecular Biology (HDA and RT-PCR), Chemiluminescence, Latex, Hematology, and Clinical Chemistry reagents.



Kabla Forensic Solutions

Kabla Forensics producst allow forensic laboratories to perform screenings directly on-site, saving valuable resources and time.

Provides Forensic Ballistics’ solutions for detecting and obtaining evidence at crime scenes.


Kabla Food Safety

Our Kabla Food Safety tests are ready to use at any site. This way, we are able to fulfill the industry’s screening needs. We offer rapid test devices to verify the safety and quality of food accurately, without the need of a laboratory or complex equipment and processes.


Point de México – Strobe and flashing lights

Point de México was founded to meet the market’s growing demand for the detection, signalling, and alerting of risky and emergency situations. Point de Mexico’s products include:  alarms, sirens, turrets, and gas detectors, among others. The company assists its corporate, institutional, and industrial clients with personalized customer service provided by specialized advisors.



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