Kabla was founded 14 years ago with the purpose of providing innovative products that allow our clients to perform diagnostics tests without the need of a main laboratory, or the use of invasive, complex or costly procedures.

Our constant search for and development of products that best meet our clients’ requirements has intensified due to the opening of new business divisions that allow us to serve diverse markets and specialty areas.

In this era of globalization we’re living in, clients demand faster service from their suppliers, along with better technical support and prices. We are proud to have been able to achieve exclusive distribution agreements with more than 30 manufacturers. Therefore, our catalogue now offers In Vitro Diagnostics Devices, Alcohol Meters, Consumables and Laboratory/Scientific Instrumentation, Teaching Materials, Medical Equipment, Criminalistic and Forensics Tests, among others, from more than 10 countries. These prove to be very helpful in decision-making for the the specialty areas we serve.

At Kabla, we are extremely thankful for the trust deposited in us throughout the years by our collaborators, clients, suppliers, and business partners. We reiterate our commitment to continuously expand our catalogue and services, in addition to listening to and understanding our clients’ expectations in order to do what’s necessary to fulfill them for years to come.


Lic. Federico Lozano B.



First of all, I’d like to thank our clients, which have been an essential part of our company’s journey since it was founded in 2004. Kabla has grown gradually, always driven by the constant search for better options in terms of prices, logistics, and quality.

 Since we started out, our mission has consisted of providing quality health care solutions throughout mexico. By means of our wide range of products, we have been able to improve our clients’ well-being, as well as providing them with direct and indirect savings.

 Kabla has established itself in the market as a synonym for quality. Every product in our catalogue is 100% guaranteed by our company, so we are extremely selective when choosing new suppliers. Bolstered by an excellent customer service and our high quality products, we are able to uphold our commitment to be Mexico’s industry leader.

 Our firm goal of achieving excellence, along with the pride we have in our team, while working hand in hand with our suppliers, allows us to consistently offer the best options available on the market.





Lic. Ricardo Martinez K.


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