Kabla is highly focused on giving product variety.

Our Specialty Areas in Diagnostics Devices


Drug Test (Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamine, among others) in Urine and Saliva.

Cardiac Markers

Troponin Tests, NT-proBNP, D. Dimer.


Infectious Diseases

STD Test (HIV, SUPHILIS) Respiratory (Influenza, VSR), Vectorial (Dengue Fever), Enteric Diseases (Rotavirus).

Inflammatory and Tumor Markers

Determination of PSA, AFP,CEA, Hidden Blood in Feces and Calprotectin.

Reproductive Health

Pregnancy Tests, Ovulation, Menopause, Masculine Fertility.

Blood Chemistry

Hematology, Electrolytes, Blood Grouping Serums, Clinical Chemistry Reagents.

Hormonal Health

Vitamin D, Testosterone, TSH, T3, T4.


Multi-parametric Strips, Microalbumin Diagnostic, Urinary Infection Tests.


Allergies Panel, Inmunoglobulin.

Metabolic Syndrome

Glucometers, Lipids Measurement, Glycated Hemoglobin A1C Measurement.

Criminalistic and Forensic Sciences

Explosives, Precursors and Drug Detection

Surface residue test for fieldwork detection od drugs, drug precursors and explosives.


Ballistics Tests

Fieldwork bullet-impact detection kits.


On-site surface residue detection tests for dangerous agents like Anthrax, Ricin, Botulinum Toxin and Smallpox.

Body Fluid Tests

Test used to identify the presence of human bodily fluids at crime scenes.

Industrial Analytical Chemistry and Food Safety

Food Safety Tests

These test are used to detect the presence of toxic agents and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food.

Environmental Monitoring

Devices used to detect vector-borne infectious diseases gotten from microorganisms, insects, animals, and other carriers, including Dengue Fever, Chikungunya and Zika.

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